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Warringah Art Exhibition 2012 with “Local Hero”…

At Warringah Art Exhibition with "Local Hero"

At Warringah Art Exhibition with “Local Hero”

This year’s Warringah Art Exhibition is currently on display and I was delighted to have my painting “Local Hero” selected for hanging. 

Inspired by one of our neighbours, Bob Blockley, I wanted to paint his portrait because he is a quiet “Local Hero”.  Every morning Bob is up early (4.30 am which is why I chose to put a rooster next to him) and he delivers the newspapers in our street before then heading down to St John’s the Baptist school to open up.  Bob also mans the door at the basketball centre at Warriewood and is just one of those lovely souls who is out there helping in the community. 

While I was in the process of painting Bob’s portrait, one of my other neighbours popped in for a cuppa and happened to glimpse his portrait through our front window as she was coming inside.  As she walked in she thought “Oh that’s nice Bob is there as well” as she had forgotten I was painting his portrait.  A great compliment to receive! 

If you get a chance between now and 22 July, pop in and see our “Local Hero” Bob at the Warringah Art Exhibition, Artfocus Gallery and Studio, 1 Powells Road, Brookvale.  It is open daily from 10am – 4pm.

P.S. They say every artist paints themself into their paintings, well in this case it is our letterbox at No 25!

“Affinity” Exhibition launched…

Dear friends and friends of my work

A very special thank you to all those who were able to make it along on Saturday evening for the official opening of our “Affinity” Exhibition.  Thanks also for the many well wishes sent through to me on the day.

The evening was a resounding success with over 300 guests attending on a superb Sydney evening.  Visitors came from as far away as Brisbane and Canberra, and for Sydney, even crossing two bridges to be there to support and witness a milestone evening for all 5 artists involved.

This was the first time each artist, including myself, had been able to showcase a significant body of work so a major event for us all.  It was also wonderful that our first major exhibition was being held at Artfocus Gallery, having all met through painting or being associated with the gallery and studio.  My special thanks to Lyn Hammond and Anne Bourne (owners of the gallery) and the team including Carly and Rick at AFG, for their wonderful support and encouragement.  I could think of no other place I would rather launch.  Unlike most gallery owners, Lyn and Anne are both professional artists as well and know intimately what it means to an artist to put themselves out there, and what it involves to create a body of work for such an exhibition. 

All artists sold works on the night and I was absolutely delighted to discover a colleague of mine had purchased a number of my pieces.  It is such a heartwarming experience to connect with another through your art.  For me personally, where it is possible, to know and meet who is buying my work means a lot to me.   Pictured with me in front of his new triptych is Ian Wamijo, my lovely new collector.  I am not sure who is happier, and maybe that is it, the feeling is mutual and that is the very special connection.  I hope always to feel this way when one of my paintings goes to another, and that they should feel similarly about my work.  I am delighted to have a couple of other collectors interested in the series of “Trunks” so commissions have been mentioned.  “Morning in the Saddle” is being considered for a corporate reception area so that is very exciting.  (See Landscapes – Traditional).

All in all, it was a great night and one that I will remember for many years to come.  However the day itself was not without some qualms and if you would like to read about that, please visit my website and “Artist Diary” for an insight into this artist and her journey with the lead up.

The exhibition runs until Thursday, 26 November, so if you do get a chance to pop into the Gallery and have a look, then call in and see Lyn and Anne.  Artfocus Gallery and Studio is at 1 Powells Road, Brookvale and opening hours are Mon-Fri 10am – 4pm and Sat 10am – 2 pm.

It is very exciting to be “officially” launched and stay tuned for the next update!  Also, feel free to visit my artist diary from time to time to check out what projects are underway and my journey with them.

Again, many thanks for your support.

Best wishes, Marion