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New Year…new look!

A new look to my website for the New Year and to reflect what is clearly now my focus on portraiture and figurative artworks.  Already the ideas are flowing and projects are underway.  Very exciting! 

A big thanks to my wonderful web designer, Kathrin Longhurst, for working her magic.   Having received my request for a new look, Kathrin was quickly on the job, applying her knowledge of web design along with her artistic background and, with a few of my images, transformed what previously looked more like the realm of a landscape artist into that of a portraitist. 

Thanks Kathrin!  Great support and great response time. 

If you’re looking for a web-designer, then see more of Kathrin’s creations at this link .

Exhibition opened and in full swing…

Last Saturday evening saw the opening of our 40×40 Exhibition at Artfocus Gallery and Studio.  A great night for artists and guests, with over 350 attending on the evening.  The gallery looked stunning, beautifully curated with each of the 16 artists 4 x 40cm x 40cm paintings all with their only appropriately spaced area to set them off.  With the studio lights on and the lovely warm atmosphere which always goes with the Artfocus Gallery, it had a real magical feel to it.  Some good sales were made yet there are still some lovely artworks available and the exhibition is open for another week.  If you have a moment, pop in and see!  (See Exhibitions for address details).