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Happy “Other Father’s” Day…

Ernest Knight, oil on board, 35cm x 30cm
Ernest Knight, oil on board, 35cm x 30cm

During a recent visit to my family in Victoria, I was delighted to be able to pop in my suitcase this portrait for my “other father”, Ern Knight.  Having recently completed Aunty Belle’s portrait for her 90th, I thought it was only appropriate that I complete the pair with one of Uncle Ern.

Throughout the years, both Aunty Belle and Uncle Ern have been a wonderful support for me.  Uncle Ern, who will be 94 in December, taught me how to text message!  A great technical mind, Uncle Ern still scans the local newspaper and if he spots something I might be interested in reading, he immediately scans it on his computer, attaches it to an email to me and then sends me a text message to check my emails.  And all done with a lot of love!

Thanks Uncle Ern and happy other Father’s Day!