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Royal Art Society – from the drawing board…

Untitled, charcoal on paper, by Marion Langford
Untitled, charcoal on paper, by Marion Langford

Joined Ann Cape’s life drawing class at the Royal Art Society Art School,  at North Sydney this week and thoroughly enjoyed the class.  Also went along on Saturday, Joe Bezzina was teaching, and had lots of fun playing with charcoal and sketching. 

This sketch is from my drawing board on the weekend.

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Artist at play…another puppy



I couldn’t resist some further play, when a friend of mine, Jo, recently showed me some photos of her latest addition to her family.  Very cute.  Another puppy… “Jet”.
As an animal lover, pets are so important in a family.   While we lost our beautiful dog, Lucy, just over a year ago, we still have a cat, a rabbit and two chooks.  Our life is richer for their presence and so it is a joy for me to do portraits of these loved ones as well!
Playing with the charcoal, pastels, the watercolours and the coloured paper is also all a bit of fun!
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Artist at play…little boy with a puppy

Little boy and his puppy

Little boy and his puppy


I had been searching through my mother’s photos on my last visit to Victoria hoping to find a couple of images, only to discover we had scanned them some time ago and they were on our computer.  Taken on her “box brownie” camera, they were of my brother when he was a little boy.

As we head off to Victoria tomorrow for my Mother’s 80th, I am excited to be giving not only Mum’s portrait but also a surprise for my brother, Graeme.  I do hope he likes it!  I can see his son, Jason, in this image…
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Precision, spontaneity and dancing between…

Drawing and more drawing.   I started portrait classes in January and the learning curve has been steep.  Going back to the basics, the fundamentals and endeavouring to absorb the intricacies and intimacy of the human face and figure.  Anatomy.  I never studied it at high school and yet here I am learning it now and it is fascinating.  My teacher, Nafisa Naomi, is passionate and particular, which is precisely what I wanted.  And precision is definitely the word.  There are days when I get a likeness and others when they are just not quite there and it is my observation that is out.  I am finding it challenging and yet rewarding.  I now have a series of self portraits in charcoal, figuring atleast if I am drawing myself I am not offending anyone!  Oh the inner critic runs rife!

But I am missing my painting.  I have been missing the colour and the canvas.  So inspired by a recent visit to Nicholas Harding’s exhibition at the SH Ervine Gallery, I got out my palette knife and some beautiful colours and, with the joy of much greater freedom, did a couple of floral works (see my Floral Works Gallery).  I love the way the colour mixes undercover of the knife’s blade, and which seems more like a wand as you wave it across the canvas, never precisely sure how it will translate.  I love the way each swipe is uniquely recorded and never to be repeated, a spontaneous creation.

So I am dancing between.