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A busy week, commission underway…

A busy week with career coaching, portrait classes, exhibition opening and a commission well underway.  Fortunately I had some space open up in my diary, a few things also completed and out of the way, and with the beautiful mornings we have been having, it has been great to get out of bed and paint.  So my current commission is further down the track than I had anticipated before we go away on holidays.  Mind you, this morning here in Sydney we have had a dramatic change in weather; windy and some solid rain (good for the garden).  Luckily I got out for my run early and now having caught up on some diary notes, it’s time for a cup of tea!

Exhibitions and resilience building…

Although it has been some months since my last diary update, life as an artist just gets busier.  Painting is my joy however there are all the other aspects that go with the the territory; preparing for and entering exhibitions, tracking paintings and timeframes, deliveries, pick ups are all part of what is required and yet at the same time managing your energy and emotions in the process.   While you may be selected for some exhibitions, then there are the rejections and if there is one thing you need as an artist apart from persistence, is resilience.

Flicking through the Sunday papers this weekend, I was interested to read an article about Tom Keneally on donating his personal library of 2,500 books to the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts (The Sun-Herald page 18).  Apparently the publication of his first novel “The Place at Whitton” supposedly “saved his life”.  Keneally is quoted as saying “I think if that book hadn’t been published I might have become a psychiatric patient or a drunk or a homeless person in time.”  Whether a painter, writer, musician or any creative artist, the moment you put yourself and your work (not always easy to separate!) out in the public arena, then it is a real test of your resilience in the face of rejection.  

In my case, I will continue to paint, to develop my skills, build my resilience and for those exhibitions I have missed out on, will have another attempt next year!

A new year…and a tribute to Lucy

I look at my diary notes and can hardly believe that it has been so long since I last posted a note.  It has been a busy time leading up to the close of 2010 and then moving into 2011.  A number of paintings and projects to be completed and some still underway. 

It has also been a difficult time as sadly we lost our beautiful cocker spaniel, Lucy, just a few days before Christmas due to complications from a paralysis tick.  She had been a loved member of our family for going on ten years, always a kind and gentle presence, and I found it a real struggle to find the energy to complete some of my paintings over this timeframe.  I wanted to take this moment in my diary to acknowledge our beautiful Lucy and so am including a painting our daughter, Nyomi, did of Lucy several years ago.  We will always remember Lucy and the way her whole body would sway when she was wagging her tail.

Lucy by Nyomi

Lucy by Nyomi