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Doctor Who…The Writer’s Tale

So what else does an artist read?  Well at the moment I am thoroughly enjoying the gay and witty emails of Russell T Davies, as he shares insights into his creative process as writer for the wonderfully revived “Doctor Who” series in his book “Doctor Who, The Writer’s Tale”. 

I was particularly interested in his comments about how he carried so many potential episodes around in his head as he developed them, each having a life of their own, and how they were constantly with him.  There was no separation between work and other life, in fact all of life impacted on his stories as they unfolded.   How visual he is, how things come together from various pieces, and how not every story or character may come to light and yet they have had a life in his head.  And not only was he writing for Dr Who series episodes, and it seems a number of series at any one time, but also Torchwood and others.  Judging by the time of the emails (the book being a year’s dialogue of emails between Russell and journalist Benjamin Cook), Russell barely sleeps.   All of this has been fascinating as one creative individual to another and I could see a number of parallels.

As a portrait artist, I am currently carrying atleast 9 portraits around in my head, along with a concept for a series of up to 30.  Some will become paintings and others, depending on all sorts of things, including my life around me will be destined to be stored away in my brain.  And I can understand Russell’s comments about characters he develops and then when they don’t end up seeing the light of day…I get attached to my ideas for paintings and when for whatever reason they don’t come to fruition it does at times make me feel sad.   Although I notice when this happens, usually something better or certainly different evolves.  I recently had an idea for a project which I was very excited about, could see the whole painting however for a number of reasons I needed to let go of that concept (although I can still see it) and instead this has evolved into a completely different painting.  And, similarly I don’t sleep that much as well, with all those ideas, those faces and all that energy they create.

Anyway it has been curious to read this fascinating and funny book to get an insight into this creative mind.  Even more curious, my daughter’s friend has just returned from the UK with a signed note to my daughter from, none other than, Russell T Davies complete with a handdrawn Dalek.  And if by sheer chance Russell ever reads this… “Yes, you did spell her name right”.