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First “Alla Prima” portrait painting…

Inspired by Richard Schmid’s “Alla Prima” book I have recently been reading, this week in portrait classes with Nafisa I challenged myself to begin and complete (as best possible in the timeframe) my first alla prima portrait painting in that session.  As we are about to go away on holidays, I had only one week with this particular model so it was a perfect opportunity. 

It was the first time we had had Andrew as a model and he was great to work with.   A very professional model, strong yet with a gentle soul.    For a first of this type of painting, I was very happy with the outcome. The fact that I had been able to achieve a reasonable likeness in a relatively short space in time and to finish in itself was exciting.   (I did do a little bit more the next day in my studio, in better light I could see a couple of adjustments that needed to be made however in essence the work was completed).   On viewing my painting, Andrew commented he thought there is the way we see ourselves, the way others see us and then there is the way we hope others may see us.  In my painting, Andrew thought I had captured how he would like others to see him and I sense that was the strength of his features yet with the gentleness and peacefulness that is very much part of who he is.   A great session.   Thanks Andrew!