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New Year…new look!

A new look to my website for the New Year and to reflect what is clearly now my focus on portraiture and figurative artworks.  Already the ideas are flowing and projects are underway.  Very exciting! 

A big thanks to my wonderful web designer, Kathrin Longhurst, for working her magic.   Having received my request for a new look, Kathrin was quickly on the job, applying her knowledge of web design along with her artistic background and, with a few of my images, transformed what previously looked more like the realm of a landscape artist into that of a portraitist. 

Thanks Kathrin!  Great support and great response time. 

If you’re looking for a web-designer, then see more of Kathrin’s creations at this link .

Memories, Magpies and Make Believe…

Dear Friends and Friends of my work

We have just returned from a holiday touring the south coast of New South Wales and into Victoria along the Great Ocean Road.  For those of you who were unable to make it along to the 40×40 Exhibition at Artfocus Gallery, I thought I would send you a quick note with this photo of me taken at the gallery with my latest works. 

For followers of my work be ready for a surprise!  This latest series is in marked contrast to my previous works and yet brings together my landscape skills along with my figurative and portraiture skills I have been developing over the past 18 months or so.  They were a lot of fun to paint!

"Memories, Magpies and Make Believe" series at Artfocus Gallery

"Memories, Magpies and Make Believe" series at Artfocus Gallery

In this  series titled “Memories, Magpies and Make Believe”,  I have endeavoured to capture some of the joys of childhood.  While based on my own experiences (some real and some make believe!), I have tried to portray some universal themes of childhood.  From “The Tea Party”, to “On the Swing”, “The Carousel” and “Dress Ups” all painted in a vintage style.  To see these paintings in closer detail and there is a lot of detail to them, follow this link to my Figurative paintings.
The exhibition was a great success with over 300 visitors on the night and it is now going to travel to the Glen Street Theatre at Belrose.
Upcoming Exhibition:
If you are in Sydney and get a chance, I am also participating in a fundraising exhibition for research into Motor Neuron Disease which opens this Monday, 10 October at the Arthouse Hotel, 275 Pitt Street from 6.30 pm to 10 pm and will be on display until 11 November.   Fellow artists Chris Farkas and Jennifer Mattiussi have organised this exhibition in memory of their sister, Sue, who they lost to MND and so they have invited a large number of well known and emerging artists to lend their support and participate in “My Nearest and Dearest” Art Exhibition. 
And having returned from our break, it is time to gesso the boards and prepare for more paintings.  I am looking forward to continuing to develop my portrait skills with Nafisa and I have also lined up this month to attend a weekend workshop with another accomplished portrait artist, Evert Ploeg.
Until my next newsletter, I hope you enjoy “Memories, Magpies and Make Believe”.
Best wishes, Marion

Where to from here?

Exhibition over and where to from here?  A whole mixture of thoughts, experiences and feelings post our exhibition.  Highs and lows.  Conversations to follow up, action items to be progressed but the big question, where to from here?  What am I to paint?  What is my next theme? And nothing is forthcoming, atleast not immediately, and so there has been a sense of despondency.  Added to that is the overwhelming thought of,  where will the energy come from to put together another large body of work?  (And the answer, when I listen quietly, one painting at a time.) 

I recognise the “controller” within me has been active, the part of me who likes to have things sorted, planned and mapped out, that wants to know.  Because without knowing, it’s pretty scarey and all the ‘what ifs’ arise. 

Yet despite the despondency, I keep moving, keep following my heart and trusting.  Whether I have a theme or not, and whether it’s right or not, I keep painting.  And in fact I haven’t stopped.  I know the day after the exhibition closing, there was a real sense of needing to get ‘back on the horse’ and I have done, and everyday since.  And what I am learning is not only about painting but about trusting things to work out.  Having a sense of direction but allowing for things to unfold.  Like a request that I have put out there in search of a portrait teacher to develop my skills.  And there is a theme emerging, as there have been others in the past. At this point the theme seems to be individuals in the landscape.  Yet guided by my heart to begin another series of trunks, today has been spent sculpting in the bark with some impasto and loving every moment of it.

Where to from here?  Trusting, allowing, and growing, one painting at a time.