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Opening night…”For the love of Italy” Exhibition at Yuga Cafe & Gallery, Glebe

The following are some of the images taken from a great Opening night “For the Love of Italy” Exhibition at Yuga Café & Gallery, Glebe.

Thanks to our hosts, Ben and Setsuko from Yuga for providing such a beautiful venue and atmosphere for our Exhibition.

1.  Some of the beautiful flowers provided by Setsuko for the evening.  Yuga also includes a floristry!

2.  With fellow artist and friend, Masako Gordon, and Luca de Leonardis, Business Development Manager, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

3.  Some of the guests at our opening night.

4.  As a member of the Mosman Art Society, with fellow artist, friend and Treasurer of the Mosman Art Society, Max Coleman.

Exhibition runs until 18 May at Yuga, 172 St Johns Road, Glebe.  Hope you can make it along!

Flowers opening night "For the love of Italy" Exhibition at Yuga Cafe and Gallery, Glebe  With Masako Gordon, fellow artist, and Luca de Leonardis from Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, opening night "For the love of Italy" Exhibition

Guests at opening of "For the love of Italy" Exhibition at Yuga Cafe & Gallery, Glebe  With Max Coleman from the Mosman Art Society at opening of "For the love of Italy" Exhibition


Opening night tonight…”For the love of Italy” Exhibition at Yuga Cafe & Gallery, Glebe

Yuga Cafe & Gallery, 172 St Johns Road, GlebeYou’re invited!  Opening night tonight of our “For the love of Italy” Exhibition at Yuga Café & Gallery at 172 St John’s Road, Glebe from 6pm – 8pm.  Come and join myself and fellow artist, Masako Gordon, to enjoy the opening of our latest exhibition.

"For the love of Italy" Exhibition, some of the paintings...Just some of the paintings that are on view at our Exhibition. We look forward to seeing you there.  Exhibition runs until Saturday, 18 May.

“For the love of Italy” Exhibition…now open!

Dear Friends and Friends of my work

Just a short note to let you know that my current exhibition “For the love of Italy”, with fellow artist Masako Gordon, is now open at Yuga Café & Gallery, 172 St Johns Road, Glebe.  The exhibition runs from 25 April to 18 May, 2013.

I do hope you can come along and visit.  The full details are as follows.  Opening night drinks are this Wednesday, from 6pm – 8pm and would really love to see you there.

"For the love of Italy" Exhibition, Yuga Cafe & Gallery, 172 St Johns Road, Glebe, 25 April - 1 May 2013

For the love of Italy Exhibition, invite details

Please feel free to pass this invitation on and bring your friends.

Yuga Café & Gallery are also holding a special Italian dinner on Friday, 17 May from 6.30 pm.  For full details please contact Setsuko at Yuga Café & Gallery on 9692 8604, or let me know and I can forward a menu to you.  It should be a great night and again would love to have you along.

Also you can now easily follow my artwork on Facebook by clicking on the link below!  Hope you “Like”!

Best wishes and ciao for now,




First solo exhibition…you’re invited!

Dear Friends and Friends of my work

La Serenissima, solo exhibition by Marion Langford at Mamma Mia India, North Bondi

La Serenissima, solo exhibition by Marion Langford at Mamma Mia India, North Bondi

I am delighted to invite you to my first solo exhibition!

Based on my trip to Italy late last year, this exhibition has been inspired by the beauty of Venice.  “La Serenissima” is a series of original oil paintings of Venezia and is the first exhibition to be held at recently opened café/wine bar/emporium at 38 Wairoa Avenue, North Bondi, “Mamma Mia India”.

“Mamma Mia India” is the creation of a dear friend of mine, Judith Maher, and is a 15 year dream of Judith’s which has finally come to fruition.  Judith’s love for Italy and India are brought together in this beautiful space and I am very excited to hold my first solo there.  A first for both of us!

Your invite and exhibition details are as follows…



La Serenissima invite and exhibition details

La Serenissima invite and exhibition details

The opening Reception and drinks is on Thursday, 11 April from 6pm – 8pm and the exhibition will run from 9-21 April.  If you can make it along at any time, would be great to see you there!  Say “Hi” to Judith as well!

And just to let you know I have been a busy artist.  I have a second exhibition starting just after this one with fellow artist, Masako Gordon, who I travelled with in Italy. This will include new works of Italy and will be held at Yuga Cafe and Gallery in Glebe. Will send those details shortly…

Ciao for now and hope to see you at La Serenissima…

Best wishes, Marion

Season’s greetings and best wishes for 2013…

Dear Friends and Friends of my work

With Christmas just a few weeks away, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you well over the Christmas period and all the very best for 2013.

"Self Portrait:  In the moment" entry in 2012 Portia Geach Portrait Prize

“Self Portrait: In the moment” entry in 2012 Portia Geach Portrait Prize

2012 has been a year of “showing up” for me as an artist.  My goal this year was to enter some of the major art exhibitions for the first time and I am pleased to say that I entered four of these including The Sulman Art Prize, The Blake Art Prize, the Mortimore Art Prize and the Portia Geach Portrait Prize.  While my various paintings were unselected, it was an important milestone to at least enter.  As a number of my art mentors pointed out, there comes a time when you do have to “show up” and then just keep “showing up”.




"Local Hero", 2012 Warringah Art Exhibition

“Local Hero”, 2012 Warringah Art Exhibition







At a local community level, my painting of Bob Blockley, titled “Local Hero” was selected for hanging in this year’s Warringah Art Show. 

Bob is 85 and a resident of our street.  I was keen to paint this dear old soul who for many years has been delivering our Manly Daily newspaper.  Up with the birds (hence the rooster) but in his case quietly going about his deliveries, Bob would pop our paper in our letterbox before heading down to St John The Baptist’s primary school to open it up.  These are just a couple of the roles he has played in our local community so I was delighted to see his painting hung in the exhibition.

"Youth" pastels on coloured paper

“Youth” pastels on coloured paper




This final image is a pastel portrait I did of one of my daughter’s school friends.  Working from an image my daughter had taken while on a school excursion, I loved the way the sunlight was hitting that mass of curly hair so this was just a bit of fun to do.  

As you can see, I really enjoy the portraiture and am continuing to pursue this area.  I had a wonderful trip to Umbria, Italy in October to spend a week at a Master Portrait Class by Andrew James and along with fellow artist friend, Masako Gordon, am hoping to have an exhibition in May next year of works based on our trip.  Stay tuned! 

Since returning to Sydney I have been thoroughly enjoying Life Drawing Classes with Ann Cape at the Royal Art Society and am also looking to undertake the RAS Diploma over the next couple of years.  Always plenty to learn and develop as an artist, and I look forward to keeping you up to date on my progress.  My work is taking a more experimental and expressive path at this stage, which is exciting so again keep in contact.

You know where I am if you are interested in a portrait, whether a drawing or painting, of you or a loved one and they really do make very special gifts.  I am also keen to do children’s portraits so again, if you are interested, please let me know.

Until my next newsletter, I wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and good health and much happiness for the New Year.  May 2013 be a special year for you.

Best wishes, Marion


Portraiture…the “extreme sport” of art!

On a number of occasions over these past few months, at various times, it has struck me the high degree of challenge there is in portraiture, particularly in aiming to capture the likeness of an individual.  Surely portraiture is the “extreme sport” of art because of that challenge. 

A few examples which have set me thinking…  Driving in traffic up from the Spit Bridge towards Mosman, I happened to briefly glimpse to the right of me, and in the time it took me to glance back to my daughter I commented that the person in the car that had just past us looked like a friend of ours.  All I had seen was the briefest glimpse of a silhouette, I didn’t recognise the car, and sure enough my daughter confirmed that they were subsequently waving to us.  Likewise waiting with a friend at Canberra airport recently to meet another friend for a reunion, as we sat in the lounge watching the passengers disembark we happened to notice “someone’s arm pulling on a jacket” and in that one gesture we knew it was our friend.  

Then today…visiting a couple of artist friends (Rhonda Meryl-White and Masako Gordon), amongst many topics covered over lunch we were then looking at some images on the computer when a close up of one eye only was shown on the screen, I immediately identified the model.   Our power of recognition from even the smallest amount of information amazes me.  It’s actually quite daunting if you think about it too much however I also find it quite fascinating and part of the thrill of portraiture in getting that likeness.