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Our ragdoll cat, Oliver…


Our Ragdoll cat, Oliver, 25.5cm x 20.5cm

Our Ragdoll cat, Oliver, 25.5cm x 20.5cm

Pet portraits and this time our ragdoll cat, Oliver!   A mix of acrylics and oils this time and, just for a change, painting on canvas after so many of my paintings have been on boards.  All good fun! 

If anyone is interested in having their pet’s portrait done, would be happy to do.

Latest portrait 3: Inspired by Xenia Hausner’s work, “Steffi”…

Steffi, Acrylics on canvas, 61cm x 46cm

Steffi, Acrylics on canvas, 61cm x 46cm

Inspired by the work of Xenia Hausner, I have been playing with colours and loving this new way of working. 
 “Steffi” is painted in acrylics which I have found quite challenging being more familiar with oils, however it is certainly teaching me to work faster.   While I still love my oils and they are my first preference, in making the shift it has been great fun to play with colours in this medium given the flexibility created with the faster drying time.  
Was curious to be back on canvas again after painting on boards now for the last year or more.
Watch this space as I am keen to do more of this type of work and have another painting almost completed.  Love the colour and drama of it.
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Getting the balance

With the lead up to launching my website and our fast approaching exhibition, I have been caught up in the ‘business’ of art.  It has been exciting and rewarding in a number of ways, however I am yearning to get back to my paints, to my oils. 

Today I have been putting the final varnishing touch on a number of paintings for the exhibition and that is always exciting as it seems to bring out the richness of the oil colours.  I have also  recently started a watercolour class, so there have actually been brushstrokes but just not in my true love, and that is in oils.  I find that when I paint with them it balances me and it is just something I need to do.  An addiction?  An obsession?  Something I love.  And while I can still function, now that I have unearthed this window to my soul, for my soul, I feel on edge and out of balance without this outlet. 

For me, there is something about the vibrance of oil colours, the directness of painting and the space that I get into when I am painting, that I love.  And again I return to Thomas Merton’s saying …”Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”