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Warringah Art Exhibition 2012 with “Local Hero”…

At Warringah Art Exhibition with "Local Hero"

At Warringah Art Exhibition with “Local Hero”

This year’s Warringah Art Exhibition is currently on display and I was delighted to have my painting “Local Hero” selected for hanging. 

Inspired by one of our neighbours, Bob Blockley, I wanted to paint his portrait because he is a quiet “Local Hero”.  Every morning Bob is up early (4.30 am which is why I chose to put a rooster next to him) and he delivers the newspapers in our street before then heading down to St John’s the Baptist school to open up.  Bob also mans the door at the basketball centre at Warriewood and is just one of those lovely souls who is out there helping in the community. 

While I was in the process of painting Bob’s portrait, one of my other neighbours popped in for a cuppa and happened to glimpse his portrait through our front window as she was coming inside.  As she walked in she thought “Oh that’s nice Bob is there as well” as she had forgotten I was painting his portrait.  A great compliment to receive! 

If you get a chance between now and 22 July, pop in and see our “Local Hero” Bob at the Warringah Art Exhibition, Artfocus Gallery and Studio, 1 Powells Road, Brookvale.  It is open daily from 10am – 4pm.

P.S. They say every artist paints themself into their paintings, well in this case it is our letterbox at No 25!

A busy week, commission underway…

A busy week with career coaching, portrait classes, exhibition opening and a commission well underway.  Fortunately I had some space open up in my diary, a few things also completed and out of the way, and with the beautiful mornings we have been having, it has been great to get out of bed and paint.  So my current commission is further down the track than I had anticipated before we go away on holidays.  Mind you, this morning here in Sydney we have had a dramatic change in weather; windy and some solid rain (good for the garden).  Luckily I got out for my run early and now having caught up on some diary notes, it’s time for a cup of tea!

Where to from here?

Exhibition over and where to from here?  A whole mixture of thoughts, experiences and feelings post our exhibition.  Highs and lows.  Conversations to follow up, action items to be progressed but the big question, where to from here?  What am I to paint?  What is my next theme? And nothing is forthcoming, atleast not immediately, and so there has been a sense of despondency.  Added to that is the overwhelming thought of,  where will the energy come from to put together another large body of work?  (And the answer, when I listen quietly, one painting at a time.) 

I recognise the “controller” within me has been active, the part of me who likes to have things sorted, planned and mapped out, that wants to know.  Because without knowing, it’s pretty scarey and all the ‘what ifs’ arise. 

Yet despite the despondency, I keep moving, keep following my heart and trusting.  Whether I have a theme or not, and whether it’s right or not, I keep painting.  And in fact I haven’t stopped.  I know the day after the exhibition closing, there was a real sense of needing to get ‘back on the horse’ and I have done, and everyday since.  And what I am learning is not only about painting but about trusting things to work out.  Having a sense of direction but allowing for things to unfold.  Like a request that I have put out there in search of a portrait teacher to develop my skills.  And there is a theme emerging, as there have been others in the past. At this point the theme seems to be individuals in the landscape.  Yet guided by my heart to begin another series of trunks, today has been spent sculpting in the bark with some impasto and loving every moment of it.

Where to from here?  Trusting, allowing, and growing, one painting at a time.

With humility…

I am currently working on a portrait (actually two) and decided to take one along to class for some guidance.  Portraiture is a new skill I am looking to develop.  I already know that I love to paint them, even if they are challenging or perhaps it’s because they are.  For me it is like being with that person and exciting to see them emerge from the canvas.   So far I have been largely self taught in this area and I’m pleased I am actually achieving a reasonable likeness, yet I know there is much I can learn.

So I took my current project along to class and I couldn’t help but find the experience humbling.  Pleasantly so.  With humility is the opportunity for real learning to occur and I sensed the wonder, the open curiousity and joy of being a child again and learning something new.  In being vulnerable, in saying “I don’t know, I’m not sure what to do here” and being open to guidance, to then be able to absorb on so many levels so many new insights.  Choice of brush, use of medium, the type of strokes, to loosen up and, in this specific instance, how to capture and portray the fluidity of hair.   (It helps to have a wise teacher though, who nurtures and encourages that childlike curiousity, particularly for an adult to drop into that state).

With the exhibition recently launched and lots of build up to the event, then all the hype with the opening and enthusiasm for my work, I could see how easy it would be to get caught up in that and forget my roots.  Forget the foundations and the fundamentals that there is always still plenty to learn.  The ego in its glory could easily have got in the way of real progress.  And curiously in my openness to learn and willingness to lay down my brushes and be guided by an experienced teacher, another joined with humility to also learn.

So with my new knowledge, no better way to learn was to put it into actual experience so both portraits are now being worked on.  Each with their own unique challenges.   My next development goal: to improve my blending of skin tones.  And with humility and love, I know that it will happen.

What a difference…

What a difference a day makes… and painting.  After my last entry, I knew that I needed to allocate some time to do some oil painting so I made sure the next day I had at least an hour to do so.  It was Sunday.  Thinking about it now, some people go to church, I went to painting.  And my spirits were uplifted.  They still are. 

Further windows of opportunity have opened since Sunday and I have grabbed them, gladly.  There was a time when I felt I needed to set aside whole blocks of time to paint, or at least I thought I did.  However now I can be satisfied with an hour here and there and rather than waiting for that chunk of time, I take the snippet and get on with it.   If I waited for the “right moment”, that “right chunk of time”, I might be waiting and in the meantime I miss the painting.  And even if I am not feeling so inspired, I now know that once I begin, I will soon be into it.

It helps that my paints are always ready and my studio and painting area is part of our family area.  It is all in front of me, waiting.  My family live with my paintings in the process.  It has its advantages and disadvantages, always a critic around and yet I get the chance to sit back and see my work, to see what is working and what needs adjusting. 

And in these last few days I have been happy to return to a project I started some time ago, something for a dear friend.  While I had completed the background, the foreground still needed to be worked.  I find it also helps me if I have a couple of projects on the go simultaneously, and I can avoid the void between!