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Portraits of Italy…from a happy client

Paintings from La Serenissima exhibition in client homeAn image from a happy client of her new paintings in her home…these were some of the “portraits of Italy” from my recent “La Serenissima” Exhibition at Mamma Mia India, North Bondi.

To see more of these works that are still available, visit the “For the love of Italy” Exhibition now showing at Yuga Café & Gallery, 172 St Johns Road, Glebe.  Exhibition runs until 18 May.

La Serenissima Exhibition opens Tuesday 9 April…finishing touches

Artist, Marion Langford, at work...finishing touches on paintings for La Serenissima Exhibition

Artist, Marion Langford, at work…finishing touches on paintings for La Serenissima Exhibition

You’ve heard of book signings…putting the finishing touches on paintings for La Serenissima exhibition opening this Tuesday, 9 April, at Mamma Mia India.  MMI is a newly opened café/wine bar/emporium at 38 Wairoa Avenue, North Bondi, run by the lovely Judith Maher.

Doors open at 8 am for those of you interested in breakfast and coffee!

Have just got home from hanging the paintings and it’s all coming together now.  Do hope you can pop in and visit.  Will run until 21 April and Opening Night is Thursday, 11 April from 6pm.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Doctor Who…The Writer’s Tale

So what else does an artist read?  Well at the moment I am thoroughly enjoying the gay and witty emails of Russell T Davies, as he shares insights into his creative process as writer for the wonderfully revived “Doctor Who” series in his book “Doctor Who, The Writer’s Tale”. 

I was particularly interested in his comments about how he carried so many potential episodes around in his head as he developed them, each having a life of their own, and how they were constantly with him.  There was no separation between work and other life, in fact all of life impacted on his stories as they unfolded.   How visual he is, how things come together from various pieces, and how not every story or character may come to light and yet they have had a life in his head.  And not only was he writing for Dr Who series episodes, and it seems a number of series at any one time, but also Torchwood and others.  Judging by the time of the emails (the book being a year’s dialogue of emails between Russell and journalist Benjamin Cook), Russell barely sleeps.   All of this has been fascinating as one creative individual to another and I could see a number of parallels.

As a portrait artist, I am currently carrying atleast 9 portraits around in my head, along with a concept for a series of up to 30.  Some will become paintings and others, depending on all sorts of things, including my life around me will be destined to be stored away in my brain.  And I can understand Russell’s comments about characters he develops and then when they don’t end up seeing the light of day…I get attached to my ideas for paintings and when for whatever reason they don’t come to fruition it does at times make me feel sad.   Although I notice when this happens, usually something better or certainly different evolves.  I recently had an idea for a project which I was very excited about, could see the whole painting however for a number of reasons I needed to let go of that concept (although I can still see it) and instead this has evolved into a completely different painting.  And, similarly I don’t sleep that much as well, with all those ideas, those faces and all that energy they create.

Anyway it has been curious to read this fascinating and funny book to get an insight into this creative mind.  Even more curious, my daughter’s friend has just returned from the UK with a signed note to my daughter from, none other than, Russell T Davies complete with a handdrawn Dalek.  And if by sheer chance Russell ever reads this… “Yes, you did spell her name right”.

Memories, Magpies and Make Believe…

Dear Friends and Friends of my work

We have just returned from a holiday touring the south coast of New South Wales and into Victoria along the Great Ocean Road.  For those of you who were unable to make it along to the 40×40 Exhibition at Artfocus Gallery, I thought I would send you a quick note with this photo of me taken at the gallery with my latest works. 

For followers of my work be ready for a surprise!  This latest series is in marked contrast to my previous works and yet brings together my landscape skills along with my figurative and portraiture skills I have been developing over the past 18 months or so.  They were a lot of fun to paint!

"Memories, Magpies and Make Believe" series at Artfocus Gallery

"Memories, Magpies and Make Believe" series at Artfocus Gallery

In this  series titled “Memories, Magpies and Make Believe”,  I have endeavoured to capture some of the joys of childhood.  While based on my own experiences (some real and some make believe!), I have tried to portray some universal themes of childhood.  From “The Tea Party”, to “On the Swing”, “The Carousel” and “Dress Ups” all painted in a vintage style.  To see these paintings in closer detail and there is a lot of detail to them, follow this link to my Figurative paintings.
The exhibition was a great success with over 300 visitors on the night and it is now going to travel to the Glen Street Theatre at Belrose.
Upcoming Exhibition:
If you are in Sydney and get a chance, I am also participating in a fundraising exhibition for research into Motor Neuron Disease which opens this Monday, 10 October at the Arthouse Hotel, 275 Pitt Street from 6.30 pm to 10 pm and will be on display until 11 November.   Fellow artists Chris Farkas and Jennifer Mattiussi have organised this exhibition in memory of their sister, Sue, who they lost to MND and so they have invited a large number of well known and emerging artists to lend their support and participate in “My Nearest and Dearest” Art Exhibition. 
And having returned from our break, it is time to gesso the boards and prepare for more paintings.  I am looking forward to continuing to develop my portrait skills with Nafisa and I have also lined up this month to attend a weekend workshop with another accomplished portrait artist, Evert Ploeg.
Until my next newsletter, I hope you enjoy “Memories, Magpies and Make Believe”.
Best wishes, Marion

Exhibition opened and in full swing…

Last Saturday evening saw the opening of our 40×40 Exhibition at Artfocus Gallery and Studio.  A great night for artists and guests, with over 350 attending on the evening.  The gallery looked stunning, beautifully curated with each of the 16 artists 4 x 40cm x 40cm paintings all with their only appropriately spaced area to set them off.  With the studio lights on and the lovely warm atmosphere which always goes with the Artfocus Gallery, it had a real magical feel to it.  Some good sales were made yet there are still some lovely artworks available and the exhibition is open for another week.  If you have a moment, pop in and see!  (See Exhibitions for address details).

A new year…and a tribute to Lucy

I look at my diary notes and can hardly believe that it has been so long since I last posted a note.  It has been a busy time leading up to the close of 2010 and then moving into 2011.  A number of paintings and projects to be completed and some still underway. 

It has also been a difficult time as sadly we lost our beautiful cocker spaniel, Lucy, just a few days before Christmas due to complications from a paralysis tick.  She had been a loved member of our family for going on ten years, always a kind and gentle presence, and I found it a real struggle to find the energy to complete some of my paintings over this timeframe.  I wanted to take this moment in my diary to acknowledge our beautiful Lucy and so am including a painting our daughter, Nyomi, did of Lucy several years ago.  We will always remember Lucy and the way her whole body would sway when she was wagging her tail.

Lucy by Nyomi

Lucy by Nyomi

The real joy in selling…

Over the past four months I have been exhibiting various works in various exhibitions; a pastel portrait selected to be hung in the Warringah Art Show (see “Emerging” in my Portrait Gallery) and missing out on getting into the Mosman Art Exhibition amongst the highs and lows.  A number of my paintings have sold during that time, which is always a thrill, however the ultimate joy for me is when I actually get to meet the person who is buying my paintings. 

My most recent exhibition has been as part of the Mosman Art Society’s 9″ x 5″ Exhibition.  As a member of the society, I was happy to go along to Headland Park where the exhibition was being held and to take my turn at manning the exhibition.  It was a sunny morning and I had taken a drawing I was working on with me to play with while I was there.  During the morning visitors kept popping in to see the exhibition, including a mother, Susan, and her young daughter.  With over 140 paintings hung as part of the exhibition, there was a lot to take in with a variety of subject matter and painting styles and mediums.  Having had a couple of looks around the exhibition, Susan then pointed to a painting she would like to buy.  With so many small paintings and all hung quite close together, I sensed Susan was pointing to one of my paintings however wanted to clarify I had the right one.   Susan confirmed that “yes” that was the one she wanted and we were both delighted at having met each other. 

For an artist, or certainly for me, it is a thrill to sell your work, to have someone appreciate your creation and to actually buy it.  What tops that off is when I actually meet the person who is buying my art as it is a very special connection.  I guess because my art feels very much to me an expression of my soul, and so to meet another in this way feels like a soul connection.  Something in the work is connecting two beings in a special way and is for me, the real joy in selling.

“Affinity” Exhibition launched…

Dear friends and friends of my work

A very special thank you to all those who were able to make it along on Saturday evening for the official opening of our “Affinity” Exhibition.  Thanks also for the many well wishes sent through to me on the day.

The evening was a resounding success with over 300 guests attending on a superb Sydney evening.  Visitors came from as far away as Brisbane and Canberra, and for Sydney, even crossing two bridges to be there to support and witness a milestone evening for all 5 artists involved.

This was the first time each artist, including myself, had been able to showcase a significant body of work so a major event for us all.  It was also wonderful that our first major exhibition was being held at Artfocus Gallery, having all met through painting or being associated with the gallery and studio.  My special thanks to Lyn Hammond and Anne Bourne (owners of the gallery) and the team including Carly and Rick at AFG, for their wonderful support and encouragement.  I could think of no other place I would rather launch.  Unlike most gallery owners, Lyn and Anne are both professional artists as well and know intimately what it means to an artist to put themselves out there, and what it involves to create a body of work for such an exhibition. 

All artists sold works on the night and I was absolutely delighted to discover a colleague of mine had purchased a number of my pieces.  It is such a heartwarming experience to connect with another through your art.  For me personally, where it is possible, to know and meet who is buying my work means a lot to me.   Pictured with me in front of his new triptych is Ian Wamijo, my lovely new collector.  I am not sure who is happier, and maybe that is it, the feeling is mutual and that is the very special connection.  I hope always to feel this way when one of my paintings goes to another, and that they should feel similarly about my work.  I am delighted to have a couple of other collectors interested in the series of “Trunks” so commissions have been mentioned.  “Morning in the Saddle” is being considered for a corporate reception area so that is very exciting.  (See Landscapes – Traditional).

All in all, it was a great night and one that I will remember for many years to come.  However the day itself was not without some qualms and if you would like to read about that, please visit my website and “Artist Diary” for an insight into this artist and her journey with the lead up.

The exhibition runs until Thursday, 26 November, so if you do get a chance to pop into the Gallery and have a look, then call in and see Lyn and Anne.  Artfocus Gallery and Studio is at 1 Powells Road, Brookvale and opening hours are Mon-Fri 10am – 4pm and Sat 10am – 2 pm.

It is very exciting to be “officially” launched and stay tuned for the next update!  Also, feel free to visit my artist diary from time to time to check out what projects are underway and my journey with them.

Again, many thanks for your support.

Best wishes, Marion

Getting the balance

With the lead up to launching my website and our fast approaching exhibition, I have been caught up in the ‘business’ of art.  It has been exciting and rewarding in a number of ways, however I am yearning to get back to my paints, to my oils. 

Today I have been putting the final varnishing touch on a number of paintings for the exhibition and that is always exciting as it seems to bring out the richness of the oil colours.  I have also  recently started a watercolour class, so there have actually been brushstrokes but just not in my true love, and that is in oils.  I find that when I paint with them it balances me and it is just something I need to do.  An addiction?  An obsession?  Something I love.  And while I can still function, now that I have unearthed this window to my soul, for my soul, I feel on edge and out of balance without this outlet. 

For me, there is something about the vibrance of oil colours, the directness of painting and the space that I get into when I am painting, that I love.  And again I return to Thomas Merton’s saying …”Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”