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Happy New Year…

Edith and Christian, charcoal and wash on paper

Edith and Christian, charcoal and wash on paper, by Marion Langford

Happy New Year!  I am looking forward to another year of creativity in 2013 and have a number of projects in mind.

In closing 2012, with our daughter currently on exchange to France, we wanted to thank her “French parents” for their wonderful hospitality and for welcoming her into their family.  Nyomi asked if I would do a portrait of Edith and Christian for Christmas as a special gift and I was very happy to be able to create this drawing for them.  

Thank you Edith and Christian for being such lovely parents to our daughter and we look forward to your visiting us in Australia in the future.

Grazie…Andy James and Arte Umbria

MasterClass in Portraits certificate photo with Andy James

MasterClass in Portraits certificate photo with Andrew James


Having recently returned from Umbria, a big thanks to Andrew James, our MasterClass Portrait teacher.  I had travelled to Italy specifically to attend Andy’s course and wasn’t disappointed. 

Thanks Andy for your generous spirit in teaching, sharing your expertise, for your constructive guidance and for your inspiration.  I am really looking forward to putting all that I learnt into practise!

For those who haven’t seen Andy’s work, follow this link.


View of nearby Montegabbione from villa

View of nearby Montegabbione from villa

Thanks also to Sara and David Moody, our hosts at Arte Umbria, for making us feel so welcome.  The villa is great, the scenery stunning, the meals are amazing and all in all a great holiday combined with an excellent week of painting and drawing with Andy.

 If you really want to treat yourself… find out more about Arte Umbria and the courses they run, by following this link.

Grazie… Andy, Sara and David!

Ciao for now…

Youth, pastels on coloured paper, 37cm x 55cm

Youth, pastels on coloured paper, 37cm x 55cm

With just a few days before I fly off on my long awaited trip to Umbria, I thought I would upload this recent portrait completed of one of my daughter’s friends. 

Titled “Youth”, I really enjoyed playing with pastels on coloured paper and the ability to pick them up whenever you have a moment and do a little more work.  While I love my oil painting, it does take a little more time in preparation and clean up.

And now it is countdown to my week long master Portrait Class with Andrew James in Umbria.  Didn’t get selected for the Portia Geach, however the main thing is I have made my first entry and can go on from there.  Will look forward to seeing the exhibition on my return.

To see some of my other drawings, click here.

Ciao for now…

Happy “Other Father’s” Day…

Ernest Knight, oil on board, 35cm x 30cm
Ernest Knight, oil on board, 35cm x 30cm

During a recent visit to my family in Victoria, I was delighted to be able to pop in my suitcase this portrait for my “other father”, Ern Knight.  Having recently completed Aunty Belle’s portrait for her 90th, I thought it was only appropriate that I complete the pair with one of Uncle Ern.

Throughout the years, both Aunty Belle and Uncle Ern have been a wonderful support for me.  Uncle Ern, who will be 94 in December, taught me how to text message!  A great technical mind, Uncle Ern still scans the local newspaper and if he spots something I might be interested in reading, he immediately scans it on his computer, attaches it to an email to me and then sends me a text message to check my emails.  And all done with a lot of love!

Thanks Uncle Ern and happy other Father’s Day!

Warringah Art Exhibition 2012 with “Local Hero”…

At Warringah Art Exhibition with "Local Hero"

At Warringah Art Exhibition with “Local Hero”

This year’s Warringah Art Exhibition is currently on display and I was delighted to have my painting “Local Hero” selected for hanging. 

Inspired by one of our neighbours, Bob Blockley, I wanted to paint his portrait because he is a quiet “Local Hero”.  Every morning Bob is up early (4.30 am which is why I chose to put a rooster next to him) and he delivers the newspapers in our street before then heading down to St John’s the Baptist school to open up.  Bob also mans the door at the basketball centre at Warriewood and is just one of those lovely souls who is out there helping in the community. 

While I was in the process of painting Bob’s portrait, one of my other neighbours popped in for a cuppa and happened to glimpse his portrait through our front window as she was coming inside.  As she walked in she thought “Oh that’s nice Bob is there as well” as she had forgotten I was painting his portrait.  A great compliment to receive! 

If you get a chance between now and 22 July, pop in and see our “Local Hero” Bob at the Warringah Art Exhibition, Artfocus Gallery and Studio, 1 Powells Road, Brookvale.  It is open daily from 10am – 4pm.

P.S. They say every artist paints themself into their paintings, well in this case it is our letterbox at No 25!

“Some people come into our lives…and we are never, ever the same.”

Isabel Knight, Oil on board, 35cm x 30cm

Isabel Knight, Oil on board, 35cm x 30cm

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go.  Some   stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts.   And we are never, ever the same.”  Author unknown

At the age of 9, I was extremely fortunate to have two people enter my life who “I adopted” as my second parents, Isabel and Ernest Knight.  My father was teaching “Uncle Ern” to fly light aircrafts at the time and this was when we met up.  

A very special friendship developed from that time and has spanned a life time.  Growing up on their farm, spending weekends and holidays with them, I have wonderful memories of our times together.  And they have continued to be a loving and kind presence in my life all these years.

Now, about to celebrate her 90th birthday, it was with much joy that I was able to create this portrait of “Aunty Belle” as a gift and thank you for all her love and support over the years.  And, a wonderful comment from Uncle Ern, when they received the portrait was that “more than capturing a likeness, I had made the painting come to life”.

Happy 90th birthday, Aunty Belle and thank you for the footprints you have left on my heart.

Alla Prima, Sailor Girl…

Alla Prima, Sailor Girl

Alla Prima, Sailor Girl

I recently completed this portrait in a 5 hour (less breaks) session working alla prima from a life model and was really happy with the outcome.  Had thought about putting a background to it later however in the end I decided to keep its original freshness and leave it as it is.  I have called her “Sailor Girl” after our model, Ilise, named her. The painting is painted on board, fijian cedar, which I love to work on.  I get them cut to size at Mister Plywood, and then prime them myself.   They come up with a beautiful finish.

Lois Lane…

Lois Lane, Oil on board, 39cm x 35cm

Lois Lane, Oil on board, 39cm x 35cm

This portrait was done in one session, although initially I had left  a plain background.  At home and looking at how I had captured the model, I just kept thinking of Lois Lane.  So it was time to have a bit of fun and play with that background. The articles about Superman seemed to fit in.