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Inspiration at “Fifties Fair”, Rose Seidler House…

Tina Vella, Miss Pinup 2012

Tina Vella, Miss Pinup 2012

A beautiful sunny day in Sydney yesterday, and lots of inspiration when I visited the “Fifties Fair” at Rose Seidler House, Wahroonga.      Just a couple of photos taken on the day…  I was delighted to meet Miss Pinup 2012, Tina Vella, and to see the fabulous fashions of that era.  It was a real carnival atmosphere with so many of the crowd dressed in vintage clothing.  Lots of fun!          From the Fifties Fashion Parade

Return from Tasmania and “must see”…”The Wall”

"The Wall" with sculptor Greg Duncan

"The Wall" with sculptor Greg Duncan

Another trip highlight from my recent visit to Tasmania, was visiting “The Wall”.  I had heard from friends that this was a “must see” and I am so glad I did.  Truly an inspirational artwork and artist. 
Self funded, in 2003 Greg Duncan began his creation of a 100 metre huon pine wall sculpting some of the history of Tasmania into these 3 metre high panels.  He is over half way now and aims to complete “The Wall” by 2015.
Fortunately I had an opportunity to meet Greg and was so inspired by the work of this modest and obviously dedicated and patient artist.
“The Wall” is located on the road from Hobart to Strahan just near the Derwent Bridge in a purpose built gallery to house this masterpiece.  Set amongst beautiful bushland, it is just magnificent and will have you thinking in wonder days after your visit.  Certainly did for me and as we continued our travels, it was wonderful to hear “the word” of “The Wall” being spread amongst others who had visited or on their way.  Now back in Sydney I have friends planning their trips around ensuring a visit to this amazing artwork and legacy that is being created by Greg Duncan. 
To find out more about “The Wall” follow this link

Motor Neuron Disease Art Fundraiser Exhibition…

There is still time to visit the “My Dearest and Nearest” Art Exhibition at the ARTHouse Hotel, 275 Pitt Street, Sydney for those wanting to see a great selection of art by various artists in Sydney who are helping to raise funds for research into Motor Neuron Disease.  Organised by sisters, Chris Farkas and Jennifer Mattiusi (both artists themselves), this exhibition is being held in honour of their sister who sadly suffered from MND.  You have until 12 November to call into the ARTHouse and you will find lots of art on two levels.  Don’t miss out and support this great cause.

Thanks Evert…

At Evert's Workshop

At Evert's Workshop

Another busy week however just wanted to say “thanks” to Evert Ploeg for a great workshop last weekend.  A small group of artists came together to attend the two day portrait workshop with Evert at his studio on Sydney’s northern beaches.    I always like to challenge myself with my painting and to learn new approaches, so appreciated Evert getting me out of my comfort zone and trying a few different things. This is a photo taken during the weekend. 

To see “Woman in a satin corset” click on this link to take you to my figurative paintings.
Again, thanks for a great weekend Evert!


Clearing the space…a creative necessity

On the eve of a touring holiday of southern New South Wales and the Victorian coastline, I have been busy clearing the space – my work, my studio, my home and my overall creative space.  We have been looking forward to this trip and in the process of clearing the way to go, it has reminded me of how important it is to get away at times, to refresh and rejuvenate.  Already in the process of preparing for our trip and for visitors who will be staying in our home while we are away, I have been amazed at the creative space it has opened up within me.  New ideas are emerging.  While I won’t be painting while I am away, my camera and notebook will be constant companions and I can already feel the difference in my energy.  I’m excited about the fresh ideas and new possibilities that are emerging.

Where are we off too?  We are driving south to Eden following the New South Wales coastline and then continuing along the coast into Victoria to Lakes Entrance, camping at Wilsons Promontory, and then heading along the Great Ocean Road before cutting back through middle Victoria to visit family and then travelling inland back to Sydney.  Although I am from Victoria, the section of coastline between New South Wales and Melbourne is new to me so I am really looking forward to seeing more of our beautiful country.

A busy week, commission underway…

A busy week with career coaching, portrait classes, exhibition opening and a commission well underway.  Fortunately I had some space open up in my diary, a few things also completed and out of the way, and with the beautiful mornings we have been having, it has been great to get out of bed and paint.  So my current commission is further down the track than I had anticipated before we go away on holidays.  Mind you, this morning here in Sydney we have had a dramatic change in weather; windy and some solid rain (good for the garden).  Luckily I got out for my run early and now having caught up on some diary notes, it’s time for a cup of tea!

“Affinity” Exhibition launched…

Dear friends and friends of my work

A very special thank you to all those who were able to make it along on Saturday evening for the official opening of our “Affinity” Exhibition.  Thanks also for the many well wishes sent through to me on the day.

The evening was a resounding success with over 300 guests attending on a superb Sydney evening.  Visitors came from as far away as Brisbane and Canberra, and for Sydney, even crossing two bridges to be there to support and witness a milestone evening for all 5 artists involved.

This was the first time each artist, including myself, had been able to showcase a significant body of work so a major event for us all.  It was also wonderful that our first major exhibition was being held at Artfocus Gallery, having all met through painting or being associated with the gallery and studio.  My special thanks to Lyn Hammond and Anne Bourne (owners of the gallery) and the team including Carly and Rick at AFG, for their wonderful support and encouragement.  I could think of no other place I would rather launch.  Unlike most gallery owners, Lyn and Anne are both professional artists as well and know intimately what it means to an artist to put themselves out there, and what it involves to create a body of work for such an exhibition. 

All artists sold works on the night and I was absolutely delighted to discover a colleague of mine had purchased a number of my pieces.  It is such a heartwarming experience to connect with another through your art.  For me personally, where it is possible, to know and meet who is buying my work means a lot to me.   Pictured with me in front of his new triptych is Ian Wamijo, my lovely new collector.  I am not sure who is happier, and maybe that is it, the feeling is mutual and that is the very special connection.  I hope always to feel this way when one of my paintings goes to another, and that they should feel similarly about my work.  I am delighted to have a couple of other collectors interested in the series of “Trunks” so commissions have been mentioned.  “Morning in the Saddle” is being considered for a corporate reception area so that is very exciting.  (See Landscapes – Traditional).

All in all, it was a great night and one that I will remember for many years to come.  However the day itself was not without some qualms and if you would like to read about that, please visit my website and “Artist Diary” for an insight into this artist and her journey with the lead up.

The exhibition runs until Thursday, 26 November, so if you do get a chance to pop into the Gallery and have a look, then call in and see Lyn and Anne.  Artfocus Gallery and Studio is at 1 Powells Road, Brookvale and opening hours are Mon-Fri 10am – 4pm and Sat 10am – 2 pm.

It is very exciting to be “officially” launched and stay tuned for the next update!  Also, feel free to visit my artist diary from time to time to check out what projects are underway and my journey with them.

Again, many thanks for your support.

Best wishes, Marion

Born at 6.00 pm! Exhibition opened.

Last night was the official opening of my first major exhibition and a great success.  Along with four other emerging female artists and friends, it was wonderful to finally be launched.  With over 300 guests, family and friends, collectors and friends of the gallery, the evening was perfect with Sydney turning on one of its balmy Summer evenings.  While we each had entered exhibitions before, this was the first exhibition that any of us had ever organised and the first opportunity to showcase a significant body of our work.

To see so many people come along to celebrate this milestone for all of us and with sales happening, commissions being discussed, it was very exciting. 

The day itself was another story though…  After a morning spent at the gallery finalising the preparations for the evening’s opening, it was home for some quiet time and gathering of self in preparation.  Yet for me, this was no quiet time.  I needed to prepare a speech to open the evening and I was unable to relax.  I felt like I was being squeezed and  I got a real sense of being birthed.  A train of events had been set in place for some time now and the moment was nearing, quickly.   I was in the birthing canal, the contractions had started and come what may at 6.00 pm I was going to arrive.  There was no turning back, try as I might,  and I was coming feet first! 

And my saving grace, to paint.  Domestics were not “doing it for me” and yet I knew that if I just got out my paints and painted for a while, it would make the difference.  And so that is exactly what I did.  It was so easy for me to get caught up in all the hype of the lead up and the ‘what ifs’ that go through your mind, however I knew that if I just sat down and painted it would transform my being.  And it did.  I had recently commenced painting a portrait of a beautiful friend, with a gentle soul and so it was wonderful to sit “with her” and to paint her hair.   That portrait will always have a special place in my heart, for it was like sitting with a silent friend as a witness and presence in my moment of truth.

And while I sat there painting two of my closest friends arrived from Canberra.  They had driven to Sydney especially for the evening to offer their support and witness my “birth”.  It was then time to get ready,  so transforming from behind my black painter’s apron to my little black dress, it was off to what turned out be a wonderful evening and memorable event in my life.  It was also special to have my husband and daughter helping on the evening and giving their support to this moment for me.