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Happy “Other Father’s” Day…

Ernest Knight, oil on board, 35cm x 30cm
Ernest Knight, oil on board, 35cm x 30cm

During a recent visit to my family in Victoria, I was delighted to be able to pop in my suitcase this portrait for my “other father”, Ern Knight.  Having recently completed Aunty Belle’s portrait for her 90th, I thought it was only appropriate that I complete the pair with one of Uncle Ern.

Throughout the years, both Aunty Belle and Uncle Ern have been a wonderful support for me.  Uncle Ern, who will be 94 in December, taught me how to text message!  A great technical mind, Uncle Ern still scans the local newspaper and if he spots something I might be interested in reading, he immediately scans it on his computer, attaches it to an email to me and then sends me a text message to check my emails.  And all done with a lot of love!

Thanks Uncle Ern and happy other Father’s Day!

Artist at play…little boy with a puppy

Little boy and his puppy

Little boy and his puppy


I had been searching through my mother’s photos on my last visit to Victoria hoping to find a couple of images, only to discover we had scanned them some time ago and they were on our computer.  Taken on her “box brownie” camera, they were of my brother when he was a little boy.

As we head off to Victoria tomorrow for my Mother’s 80th, I am excited to be giving not only Mum’s portrait but also a surprise for my brother, Graeme.  I do hope he likes it!  I can see his son, Jason, in this image…
To see other recent drawings click on this link.

Memories, Magpies and Make Believe…

Dear Friends and Friends of my work

We have just returned from a holiday touring the south coast of New South Wales and into Victoria along the Great Ocean Road.  For those of you who were unable to make it along to the 40×40 Exhibition at Artfocus Gallery, I thought I would send you a quick note with this photo of me taken at the gallery with my latest works. 

For followers of my work be ready for a surprise!  This latest series is in marked contrast to my previous works and yet brings together my landscape skills along with my figurative and portraiture skills I have been developing over the past 18 months or so.  They were a lot of fun to paint!

"Memories, Magpies and Make Believe" series at Artfocus Gallery

"Memories, Magpies and Make Believe" series at Artfocus Gallery

In this  series titled “Memories, Magpies and Make Believe”,  I have endeavoured to capture some of the joys of childhood.  While based on my own experiences (some real and some make believe!), I have tried to portray some universal themes of childhood.  From “The Tea Party”, to “On the Swing”, “The Carousel” and “Dress Ups” all painted in a vintage style.  To see these paintings in closer detail and there is a lot of detail to them, follow this link to my Figurative paintings.
The exhibition was a great success with over 300 visitors on the night and it is now going to travel to the Glen Street Theatre at Belrose.
Upcoming Exhibition:
If you are in Sydney and get a chance, I am also participating in a fundraising exhibition for research into Motor Neuron Disease which opens this Monday, 10 October at the Arthouse Hotel, 275 Pitt Street from 6.30 pm to 10 pm and will be on display until 11 November.   Fellow artists Chris Farkas and Jennifer Mattiussi have organised this exhibition in memory of their sister, Sue, who they lost to MND and so they have invited a large number of well known and emerging artists to lend their support and participate in “My Nearest and Dearest” Art Exhibition. 
And having returned from our break, it is time to gesso the boards and prepare for more paintings.  I am looking forward to continuing to develop my portrait skills with Nafisa and I have also lined up this month to attend a weekend workshop with another accomplished portrait artist, Evert Ploeg.
Until my next newsletter, I hope you enjoy “Memories, Magpies and Make Believe”.
Best wishes, Marion

Clearing the space…a creative necessity

On the eve of a touring holiday of southern New South Wales and the Victorian coastline, I have been busy clearing the space – my work, my studio, my home and my overall creative space.  We have been looking forward to this trip and in the process of clearing the way to go, it has reminded me of how important it is to get away at times, to refresh and rejuvenate.  Already in the process of preparing for our trip and for visitors who will be staying in our home while we are away, I have been amazed at the creative space it has opened up within me.  New ideas are emerging.  While I won’t be painting while I am away, my camera and notebook will be constant companions and I can already feel the difference in my energy.  I’m excited about the fresh ideas and new possibilities that are emerging.

Where are we off too?  We are driving south to Eden following the New South Wales coastline and then continuing along the coast into Victoria to Lakes Entrance, camping at Wilsons Promontory, and then heading along the Great Ocean Road before cutting back through middle Victoria to visit family and then travelling inland back to Sydney.  Although I am from Victoria, the section of coastline between New South Wales and Melbourne is new to me so I am really looking forward to seeing more of our beautiful country.

Difficult pleasure…abstract fun

Having recently returned from visiting family in Victoria and a challenging time trying to work through arrangements for aging parents to establish the best care for them in the circumstances, I was relieved to seek refuge in my art class.  I was in definite need of some art as therapy.  Too exhausted to even think of lugging canvas and paints to class, and to stand and create, I chose to sink into a chair and just doodle. 

My sister and her husband are building a new home and I offered to do a painting for them.  She is keen on abstracts so with that in mind I began browsing through various magazines and art books allowing myself to do some research and see if anything sparked an interest.  After some time, some shapes in one image caught my eye and I started to just play with them.  Not experienced in abstracts, I welcomed some gentle guidance from my teacher on how I could work up the image and using pastels began to play with colours.  Perfect.  Just what I needed.  Whether this would ultimately end up the painting for my sister, for now I just wanted to experience the process.

 A week later  I returned to class, this time with canvas, paints and renewed energy and enthusiasm to take my mock up and transform it onto canvas.  I had already prepared the surface by building it up with impasto.  And so began my “Difficult pleasure” as Brett Whiteley had once described painting, or creating art.  Moving into the abstract area was challenging me and yet at the same time, it was great fun.  All the more so given my recent work in portraits and the precision required there.  While the painting still needed to work, to have balance and all the elements required of a good painting, there was also quite a lot of freedom particularly in the process of rendering this painting.  To see the outcome of my “difficult pleasure” or “abstract fun” visit my new Abstract gallery and “Sea Bed”.  This is what flowed from a day that began with some old fashioned doodling.