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What a difference…

What a difference a day makes… and painting.  After my last entry, I knew that I needed to allocate some time to do some oil painting so I made sure the next day I had at least an hour to do so.  It was Sunday.  Thinking about it now, some people go to church, I went to painting.  And my spirits were uplifted.  They still are. 

Further windows of opportunity have opened since Sunday and I have grabbed them, gladly.  There was a time when I felt I needed to set aside whole blocks of time to paint, or at least I thought I did.  However now I can be satisfied with an hour here and there and rather than waiting for that chunk of time, I take the snippet and get on with it.   If I waited for the “right moment”, that “right chunk of time”, I might be waiting and in the meantime I miss the painting.  And even if I am not feeling so inspired, I now know that once I begin, I will soon be into it.

It helps that my paints are always ready and my studio and painting area is part of our family area.  It is all in front of me, waiting.  My family live with my paintings in the process.  It has its advantages and disadvantages, always a critic around and yet I get the chance to sit back and see my work, to see what is working and what needs adjusting. 

And in these last few days I have been happy to return to a project I started some time ago, something for a dear friend.  While I had completed the background, the foreground still needed to be worked.  I find it also helps me if I have a couple of projects on the go simultaneously, and I can avoid the void between!