Warringah Art Exhibition 2012 with “Local Hero”…

At Warringah Art Exhibition with "Local Hero"

At Warringah Art Exhibition with “Local Hero”

This year’s Warringah Art Exhibition is currently on display and I was delighted to have my painting “Local Hero” selected for hanging. 

Inspired by one of our neighbours, Bob Blockley, I wanted to paint his portrait because he is a quiet “Local Hero”.  Every morning Bob is up early (4.30 am which is why I chose to put a rooster next to him) and he delivers the newspapers in our street before then heading down to St John’s the Baptist school to open up.  Bob also mans the door at the basketball centre at Warriewood and is just one of those lovely souls who is out there helping in the community. 

While I was in the process of painting Bob’s portrait, one of my other neighbours popped in for a cuppa and happened to glimpse his portrait through our front window as she was coming inside.  As she walked in she thought “Oh that’s nice Bob is there as well” as she had forgotten I was painting his portrait.  A great compliment to receive! 

If you get a chance between now and 22 July, pop in and see our “Local Hero” Bob at the Warringah Art Exhibition, Artfocus Gallery and Studio, 1 Powells Road, Brookvale.  It is open daily from 10am – 4pm.

P.S. They say every artist paints themself into their paintings, well in this case it is our letterbox at No 25!