Welcome to my diary!

“The writer, when he is also an artist, is someone who admits what others don’t dare to reveal.”

Elia Kazan

• Do you ever wonder about the life and thoughts of an artist, and the process they go through in creating?

• Do you find yourself fascinated by the studios of creative people?

• Do you wonder about what it is like to be an artist?

I do!

And if you do, then you may be interested in one artist’s story.

Below is a window into my Artist’s diary. Although my main love is to paint, I also love to write and to journal, to capture the story behind the painting, what I am learning in the process and my thoughts and feelings along the way. At times I will journal daily and other times less frequently.

As I am drawn to do so, I am adding entries to this page so that you may gain an insight into the artist behind my paintings. Whether it be what I am painting, the challenges I am facing, breakthroughs in limiting beliefs, synchronicities, humorous situations, sources of inspiration or sharing my vulnerability. This is a insight into my diary. Whether you’re an artist yourself, or perhaps someone who secretly would love to be, I am open to sharing because I believe in doing so we can find connection, inspiration and universal themes.

This is a window into my world. Welcome! Know too, that your response is also always welcome. If in reading these pages, it moves you to take those first steps to create, to put yourself out there and allow yourself to express in whatever creative form you choose to take, then what a gift. Let me know, I would love to hear from you.